Our mission is:

To create guitars that inspire.

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Unique guitar for unique players.


Headless guitar with a lot of soul.

Custom Shop

A guitar for your lifetime.

Toghether we make your ideas come true.

Let us create an instrument, that reflects your personality and vision of music.

A guitar so special and unique as you are.

A companion through life, built by hand with heart and deepest passion.

Let us create a guitar that satisfies for your lifetime.

Stop dreaming.

Team Work

Tim Walter is the initiator of odem guitars. As music has alwas played a significant role in his life this passion also led him to dive into the field of building electric guitars. In 2017 he created the brand odem Guitars to realize his ideas and guitar concepts. With his love for wood, music and the electric guitar as an instrument he is creating the unique designs of odem Guitars and building the prototypes.

Roy Fankhänel is building the odem Custom Shop guitars. He is a independent and highly skilled master luthier and professional musicians like the members of the famous german rock band „Die Toten Hosen“ trust his work. His own guitar shop is located at the feet of the Ore Mountains in Saxony. Please visit his website! Roy is fascinated of the material wood and its possibilities to create magical sounds.

Sound Inspiration

The odem of: Gignera

The odem of: Levora

The odem of: Pulta