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A poetic word for BREATH OF LIFE.
An invigorating impulse, that brings out momentum and creativeness.

Source of Impulse:

„Then the Lord God formed the man of dust from the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life [odem], and the man became a living creature.“
Genesis 2,7


As humans we need odem to exist.
As musicians we need inspiration to liven up.
Inspiration is the odem of music.


Our mission is to create guitars that inspire.
Guitars that set new impulses to boost your creative work.

The language of music

The gift of music enables us to speak a language that communicates directly with the heart. With our guitars we support musicians to unleash their potential by providing the right tool to do so: A guitar that inspires.

The inspiration of thoughts

Music is a gift for humankind. But men is more than music. By our guitars, odem wants to inspire the thoughts with words of wisdom and encouragment.

The moment of inspiration...

...the matching between the guitar and its player...the player being inspired by the guitar and gaining momentum...
odem Guitars is dedicated to create those moments.

The infinity symbole

As part of the logo and word odem this symbol reflects the loop of inspiration we follow: get an impuls, create something new, inspire others.